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Harold “Chief Iron Bear” Collins

A Native American Hero

Harold Collins: a man of distinction;

achievements obtained through hard work and dedication.

Known as Chief Iron Bear worldwide;

Openly displaying his Native Indian pride.

Competing in events near and far;

Not intimidated to reach for the stars.

Recently honored with the Jim Thorpe Award;

National acclaim his just reward.

Strongman records held by the chief;

Bench Press and Powerlifting, no mere feats.

Born a child on a rural county road;

Raised humble, taught to carry his load.

Encouraged early to follow his dream;

Weightlifting became his path to fame.

Numerous awards and world acclaim;

Surpassing all challenges to make his name.

A rare accomplishment for any athlete;

Certainly Harold is one of the elite.

He receives respect from coast to coast;

At home is where he deserves it most.

Respect his hard work and devotion;

Even competitors appreciate his reputation.

The path chosen is not for everyone;

Congratulate the chief for what he has done.

A man of modest means;

Brave enough to chase his dreams.

By: Weda B.

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